The Balafon is my Passion - Paul Nas
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Balafon courses

Customized balafon lessons

Group and individual lessons on the pentatonic balafon on location in the Netherlands. Supported with schematic and audio teaching materials. Rental balafons available.

Awa Dabole

Study material Balafon

More than 50 Balafon rhythms from West Africa are available as study material for reference or self study. Schematic for everyone readable. Also audio for ensemble play.


Study material Djembé

The ‘WAP pages for West-African Percussion’ have been a standard for all those who want to learn to play Djembé and accompanying bass drums for more than 10 years. Schemes and audio files.

Optredens & Workshops

Performances & Workshops

Getting to know Balafoon music on demand; A performance in a traditional atmosphere or a cross-over performance with ‘Dalaba’. But also workshops with Balafon, percussion and singing. Whether or not with a nice story!

Balafon Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Opspannen touwwerk, stemmen van klankstaven, framereparaties, kalebassen vervangen. Advies en begeleiding bij eigenTightening rope work, voices of sound bars, frame repairs, replacing calabashes. Advice and assistance with your own maintenance. All repairs in an African traditional way onderhoud. Alle reparaties op Afrikaans ambachtelijke wijze

Going to Burkina Faso

Study tour Burkina Faso

Taking lessons from Youssouf Keita at Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Learn local rhythms that have never been recorded before. Go on a study trip to the cultural capital of West Africa!


The majority of my balafon knowledge I have gained in Burkina Faso and Mali at Youssou Keita. As a griot he was trained early in the secrets of the balafon. Together with his brother Aly Keita he developed a modern type of balafon made with artisan knowledge. The best Balafoon players in the world opt for baloons built by Youssouf. Once a year I travel together with other balafola to Bobo Dioulasso to take lessons from him. We also visit his studio and learn about making good baloons and maintaining them. Youssouf Keita can be reached by e-mail, telephone, Whatsapp and Facebook. / 022678280122/022676621693
Facebook: Youssouf Keita (Bobo Dioulasso, Abidjan)

Youssouf & Paul


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