Neighbourhood Performance - Paul Nas
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Optreden De Back

Neighbourhood Performance

On the 5th of November we had a nice performance in our own neighbourhood! Hanneke Duijkers, who is a student and also lives around organised and presented the whole thing in Neighbourhood centre ‘De Back’ in Tilburg. We were supported by nice percussion by Juliette, Anton en Gregoor. We presented music-pieces from Burkina Faso / Mali:  Awa Dabole , ‘Koniya Ba’, ‘Bo Yaro’, ‘(Diarabi) Wotoro’, ‘Djougouya Magni’ and ‘Wa Ere’. Beautiful fotogallery of one of our Burkina trips was show .

Live your Life!

Hanneke played ‘Wa Ere’ partly on her own, and with an own interpretation and tempo variety. Wa Ere means therefore “Live your Life, and enjoy it”.

Optreden De Back

This is where Anton and Paul show how the rhytm ‘Bo Yaro’ supports the work on the fields.

Optreden De Back

Gregoor is a musical artist with the sjekere’s and  great support to the balafon pieces.

Optreden De Back

Hanneke shows that ‘Koniya Ba’ means “Mind your own business!”

Paul Nas
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