Duizendpootpercussie jubilee - Paul Nas
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Duizendpootpercussie jubilee

With great pleasure I look back at the anniversary of Tim van der Veen’s djembé school: A party at ‘Duizendpootpercussie’ in Utrecht on 15 April (Duizendpoot= Millipede). An afternoon with balafon and djembé workshops, followed by presentations from different groups of djembé players, a performance of my balafon class in De Bilt and a fantastic ending with Oké Sene and his Sene Percu group.


I gave an hour of workshop. Tamako is always a good choice for such a short time. Indie time you can introduce a basic pattern, the melody and a song. The three things can also be played against each other in a small arrangement by different groups. The participants in this workshop were almost all pupils of Tim van der Veen. Nice to work with people who already have djembé and / or doundoun experience! As a result, we were even able to show a second, at a more difficult pattern and participate.

Workshop Duizendpoot

With Frits & Irene, Frank & Anja, Yvonne and Jan we played a number of songs that were taught in the lessons in De Bilt. In the past lessons we have therefore worked on arrangements and routine with these rhythms. We played ao: Awa Dabole, Bo Yaro, Sinte Konofe, Jeriba and Bazani. There are also beautiful songs with these balafon pieces in the Bambara or Bwaba sung. Does anyone have a movie?

Optreden De Bilt groep bij Duizendpoot
Paul Nas
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