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I would like to inform you of my activitys in this newsletter
Byggefest Festival

Last summer vacation I had a few fun balafon activities; See my blogs about the balafon-building-workshop at the 'Byggefest' in Denmark and the workshop at the Djembé Dramé weekend Schiermonnikoog. They both get a sequel ....
In September I could really take a holiday, but new fun things were already coming up; short and long workshops: see the agenda.

Schiermonnikoog 2019
Schiermonnikoog 2019
In the meantime the balafon season has already started; my five groups in have started their monthly course again. In addition, new rhythms have been worked out and included in the rhythm overview; Den Wolo Ka Guele is a tribute to women. Bolo Do Bolo La tells a story about the 'key' for good behavior.
Already 17 pieces of music to use for class or self-study.
More pieces will follow in the coming months
24 November 2019; afternoon
7 December 2019; afternoon
11 January - 2 February 2020
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
18 - 25 July 2020,
in Denmark
6 - 10 August 2020, Schiermonnikoog
Djembé festival VDON
with balafonworkshop
Balafon-meeting; workshops for everyone; Registration?
Musical voyage with 10-day lessons
N'Goni and / or Balafon; see here
Utamaduni African Summer Camp (I offerd myself nworkshops)
Africa weekend Djembé Dramé,
with balafon workshop
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