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Many activities to report

The teaching season has started again and the groups have been working on new rhythms. Some of course from last year's workshop in Burkina Faso, but also older rhythms are picked up. The groups from De Bilt and Betuwe have merged and are now taught again in 'De Wieken' in Elst. There is now also a small group in Tilburg. A week-long workshop and a balafon meeting are also in the planning.

Balafon meeting on Saturday 4 February 2023

No Burkina Workshop in January but still in touch with Youssouf at the Balafon Meeting on 4 February (from 10.30 am). I will have an online lesson hosted by him. € 40,= p.p. Percussionists are also welcome. Afterwards, drinks and/or food at my place. Sign up via app/mail.
Balafoon meeting dec 2019 01

Foundation for a Balafoncentre Bobo Dioulasso

IMG-20221029-WA0000 (2)
Youssouf has set up a foundation to establish a Centre for the Balafon in Bobo Dioulasso. Association "Yiri Kan"! He has brought together a number of important people from the Balafon world and Bobo Dioulasso...
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A student from Canada

I have been in touch with Corinne Durin from Canada for some time. She lives on Vancouver Island and teaches a group of students there (see my earlier blog entry). Now she is coming to the Netherlands at the end of January for a 10-day private workshop (including Balafon meeting!)
Vancouver Balafon Community

Found a nice video, made in ZION

Balankan Dia - Dafra Keita - Shiva Babylon Faya Sound @ Zion Bobo Dioulasso 23.02.2019-kkVZOgxdr8s_Moment(2)
I found a video on Youtube of a music night at Hotel-Resto ZION; the hotel where we normally stay during our stay in Bobo Dioulasso. So recognisable!!! ...see blog entry ... or directly to video

Weekworkshop Schiermonnikoog 6 - 13 May

De Kooiplaats
From 6 to 13 May, I am organizing a week-long workshop in balafon for (former) students on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog in camping-farm 'De Kooiplaats'. 6 mornings of lessons and afternoons off.
In the evening, cooking and eating together. (Blog item about 2019 here)
Info and sign up by app / mail.

Some more recent Blog items

Dam tot Damloop 2022
Negunya played during the Dam to Dam Run '22
Amsterdam Marathon 2022
Negunya played during the A'dam Marathon
De Familie Zongo uit Ouezindougou
Website Zongofamily included in paulnas.nl
New Balafon Rhythms:
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