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Three Summer workshop's 2023

This summer, I will be active again with workshops you can join. In addition, Youssouf Keita is coming to Europe again this spring. Among other things, he will perform at a festival in Murcia, Spain. But he is also joining one of the workshops....
Happy Summer! Paul

Workshop Schiermonnikoog (6 - 13 May)

As a 'legacy' of the Djembé Dramé weekends organised in the past, every year I take students to Schiermonnikoog for a workshop. This year from 6 to 13 May. Youssouf Keita is coming along and will teach there. Max. 12 people; a few places are still available. Sign up via mail or app.
Balafoon meeting dec 2019 01

Building a Balafon in Denmark (10 - 16 Juy)

During the 'Wood Building Festival' ('Byggefest') in Ebeltoft, I will be building a balafon again. If you want, you can help,.... or we'll make it your-balafon-building! Sign up with me, by email or app. I also give lessons there. There are many more great reasons to go to this festival. see website Byggefest

Africa Festival 'Utamaduni' in Denmark

For 30 years, the Utamaduni festival has been held in Denmark. This year from 23 - 29 July. I am going there for the first time to get acquainted and to work on introducing the balafon. There are many dance and drum workshops that week. Website Utamaduni Festival

Percussie Festival coPerAccion (21-23-23 april)

Youssouf Keita op bezoek
Youssouf Keita has been invited to the coPerACCION Festival in Murcia in southern Spain. He will perform there with Emilio Saura. Afterwards, he will give several workshops and performances in the area. I will be attending the festival myself, as a visitor.

Agenda other

Negunya bij VDON Festival
  • 29 March (afternoon): Negunya-balafon performs at Africa themed meal at Brentano Restaurant Nieuw Vredeveld in Amstelveen.
  • 1, 2 April (11am each time): Performance 'Visiting the Balafon Builder' on the occasion of the museum weekend at the Kessels Museum in Tilburg.
Framed Art
  • 15 April (11:00 - 12:30): 'Balabos' plays in the Mattheusbos on Capucijnenstraat in Tilburg, at the opening of the. 'Window Route St Anna'.
Eerste Buiten les 2017
  • 16 April (between 9.30am and 3pm): Balafon playing during 'Live music at the CityRun Roermond'.
Tuintonenfestival '22

Some more recent Blog items

Report of the Balafon meeting February '23. Online explanation of the rhythm Térété by Youssouf Keita. Corinne Durin taught there!
Kerstactiviteiten in Kessels
At work at the Kessels Instrument makers museum. I am also increasingly involved in Children's Activities at the museum!
New Balafon rhythms:
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