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What a summer!!

What a lot has happened this summer! Youssouf Keita spent six weeks as a guest with me and several balafon students he knows from previous workshops in Burkina Faso. Aly Keita, his brother was there during the balafon meeting in June, which he and Youssouf hosted. In Denmark, I taught a workshop 'Balafon Building' for the second time during the 'Byggefestival' (buildingfestival). Furthermore, from October on I will work at the Musicinstrument Museum Kessels in Tilburg to make balafons there. Together we can make your own balafon there. Also I have repaired a Timbila from Mozanbique. Meanwhile, there are plans to give online lessons to an enthusiast in Thailand.

Aly & Youssouf Keita Balafon meeting

Aly & Youssouf Keita meeting; Dondory
I was already going to organise a balafon meeting together with Youssouf Keita, but then his brother Aly Keita also came over from Berlin to visit his brother in the Netherlands for a long weekend. A super meeting and afterparty with concert! ... more ..

Negunya street-performances; Youssouf plays along.

Youssouf speelt Paul zingt
Negunya-Balafon was present at the Tuintonenfestival ’22 in Watergang on a warm summerday on 11 June 2022. Special guest was Youssouf Keita; Builder en player of the Balafon, born Malian, now living in Burkina Faso.
With a big club from Negunya, we played during the last day of the 4days-walk Alkmaar on 18 June 2022. Youssouf Keita was there and he was a clear source of inspiration for us, and the quality of our performance was of course immediately much higher because of his input!
Alkmaar 01

Build your own balafon!

Always wanted to make your own balafon? Now you can! At the new Kessels Instrument Museum in Tilburg, I'm in the studio, making balafons myself. Under my guidance, you can do the same (there) with me. Near Tilburg station
read more in the blog-item!

Balafonbuilding during the Byggeffestival

This summer I was in Denmark again at the construction festival 'Byggefest' in the Eco-village Grobund. A lovely small-scale festival with music every night. I built his balafon together with Max. At the end of the week, he played the newly made balafon. In 2019, I am already making an extensive blog entry about that year.
Bouw je eigen balafoon

Repair of a Timbila

This summer I carried out a repair of a Timbila, a sound bar instrument used by the Chopi from Mozambique. Konstantyn Napolov is going to use it during his concerts! ... see the blog ...
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