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Report on summer activities '23

and balafon adventures

Youssouf Keita's Springtour '23

At the end of April, Youssouf was back in Europe. The occasion was a Spanish Festival organised by Emilio Saura Jiménez. Performing at a Roman Theatre in Cartagena. I was there! .. more ...
Festival CoPerACCION
But he also had the several activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. An overview here
Youssouf Keita's Spring Tour '23

Byggefest' balafon building in Ecovillage Grobund

Grobund Byggefest '23
Once again to Denmark for the wood-building festival. This time also for a balafon workshop. Arthur made a small balafon himself. Ida also came to repair her own balafon under my guidance. More

Utamaduni African Camp

This year for the first time, I gave a workshop at the Utamaduni African Camp. It is a very special camp in Denmark with a 40-year history! It attracted 600 people this year for Dance, singing, percussion and culture. .... more ....
Utamaduni African Camp
I presented the rhythms Samba Mousso Ko and Wari Vo (also on the rhythm page)

Berna creates her own balafoon

I offer my students to make their own balafon with their own accents under my guidance. Berna (from the Betuwe group) is the first. She uses my Padouk wood for the sound bars. But also another special wood. Here's a report of how she got to work with it.
Berna bouwt haar eigen balafoon

Association Yiri Kan established

Youssouf, together with other balafon manufacturers and well-known balafon players, has set up an association with goals of rosewood tree restoration , education and a balafon centre in Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina. Website yiri-kan.net is under development but a message in advance here
Yiri Kan

Upcoming activities:

Vereniging Behoud Moerenburg
  • Youssouf is already in November for performances in Europe (including in Bruges 10 November). But also cause for a Balaphone meeting with Youssouf Keita on 18 November in Tilburg from 10.00 am. If you are interested, sign up in advance!
Bolo Do Bolo La
  • In January '24, I want to go to Burkina Faso again for a study tour. This time an international workshop with applications already in from the US and the island of Martinique. Have any questions about these plans? Give me a call!
Paul Nas

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Paul Nieuwsbrief
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