Update Awa Dabole - Paul Nas
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Awa Dabole met Drissa Kone

Update Awa Dabole

On my studytrip in 2017 it became clear to me that Awa Dabole, as I had originally learned in Mali from Lamini Balani, does have a little simple accompaniment pattern. Because of that Youssouf called our A-pattern rather straightforward and there was some more dimension in this pattern. Therefore he taught us a new pattern. It takes some getting used to and this pattern you play not just at the same speed with which you could play the piece until then. But definitely worth starting and gradually becoming familiar. Do you have questions or comments; put them in this blog.

Result: Adjustments at a glance:

Pattern A has therefore been replaced
Solo accompaniment patterns E, F and G added.
Percussion added: Djembe, Doundoun and Sheker

Download a new version of Awa Dabole here or checkout the balafon notationpage here

Awa Dabole notatie

Paul Nas
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