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Invitation Balafon Meeting

Invitation Balafonmeeting 2017

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Invitation Balafonmeeting 2017:

A balafon meeting will be held at Factorium Tilburg on Sunday 27 August. Anyone with a thing for this beautiful instrument is welcome to come and listen and participate.
Students of balafonist Paul Nas will give various presentations and perform. There will also be two bands playing in which the balafon has a place. You can actively get to know the instrument and take part in a workshop for beginners. (Do sign up in advance!). The afternoon will end with a joint performance with more than 30 balaphones (students and beginners together). This will improve the unofficial world record for balafon playing in a playful way. The Balafon meeting is organised by Paul Nas in cooperation with Factorium Tilburg. Entrance is free.


Balafonmeeting Tilburg 2017

Sunday 27 August 13:00 – 17:00
Location: Foyer and garden of Factorium Tilburg, Koningsplein 11A, 5038 WG Tilburg
(Parking in car parks or free at 10 minutes walking distance)

Sign up for the Workshop beginners:
For background info, see:

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Invitation Balafonmeeting 2017

Above is a photo of the Balafon Meeting as held in 2013 at Bosvreugd Tilburg, with Salia Traoré as a guest. Then, for the first time, an unofficial world record was set for the number of balaphones playing together: at 25! This time, we will try to improve that number.

Detailed Programm:
Closed part
11.00 Walk-in
11.15 -12.15 Joint Workshop for all pupils and former pupils of Paul Nas
Public part
13.00 Presentations teaching groups De Bilt, Hoekse Waard, Driebergen, de Betuwe and Tilburg.
14.30 Workshop introduction to the balafon by Paul Nas
15.15 Performance: Hakiri, (Roermond) traditional balafon music by western hands
16.00 World record attempt; playing with more than 30 balafons
16.30 Performance: Dalaba, balafons combined with modern instruments
17.00 Closure of programme; informal gathering until ……

Paul Nas
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