Extra Large: 'The Giant Balafon' - Paul Nas
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Percussie begel;eiding voor de Balafon Geant

Extra Large: ‘The Giant Balafon’

I now take my ‘Giant Balafon’ with me from time to time. He was created as an art project by Robert Hebrard. This Frenchman made several extra large instruments and this balafon is one of them. It’s pentatonic in F-major. Only Meta and Rudy I know have (Keita-) balafons in that tuning. Meta is here with her percussion partners Natasja and Juliette in front of the instrument during the Balafonmeeting 2017.

Trying out

Below are two films made during the Schiermonnikoog weekend 2015 with, among others, Mousse Drame, Haruna Dembele, Baba Toure and Adama Bilourou Dembele. You can try to play him as they do here, but there were also several people who set up a rhythm together. With multiple players to a balafon.

Paul Nas
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