Worldrecord with 41 balafons - Paul Nas
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Wereldrecord met 41 balafola!

Worldrecord with 41 balafons


We made a new World record, last august! There were 25 students and 16 players for the first time, we came on the amount of 41 people playing together a balafon piece. The balafons were all tuned in C#major. They were brought by the students or were giving to the several newcomers to use. We played ‘Bo Yaro’ that was new to almost everyone. In the morning we worked with the advanced group on the more difficult parts of the music and in the afternoon we worked with the newcomers on the basic accompaniment and melody. Later we played all together.

Bo Yaro is a balafonpiece from th Bobo ethnical group from Mali an Burkina Faso. Normally it’s played to support the workers on the filed. The song Bo Yaro honours the strength of the young Bobo men (young man  = Yaro). ‘If the harvest is good, the land is good!”

Ya i Bo Yaro, Mali djie-èra
Ya i Bo Yaro, Mali djie-èra
ya ho marida a
o lo oji-a-o, to-a fè na

Paul Nas
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