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We 're going to perform together!

We’re going to perform together!

Dutch French

Bouba and I agreed: “We are going to perform together!” Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Issa Bouba Kaita again in Balk in Friesland where he lives. We played and sang some songs balafon. Bouba, originally from Mali, is now a Dutchman, and is a fantastic balafon player, and a fun guy! A handshake seals our friendship and mutual desire to perform more together as well. We immediately try out his new balafon carrying straps. I have never played with it before, but it seems practical when you have to perform ‘walking’. In the video, we play ‘Woro Ma Bwe‘; a moment of happiness!

Bouba is also associated with Stiggelbout where he sells instruments under the name ‘Bouba Percussion’. He also makes his own instruments: Balafons, of course, but also N’Goni’s and Koras. The latter two even have electric versions, so without a gourd but with an element like those used in electric guitars. With these, you can still apply all kinds of effects.

Postscript November 2022

Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to perform together. Apparently, the distance between Balk and Tilburg is too great to meet up meaningfully, rehearse and make arrangements together. Too bad, because it would give me a big boost to be able to play regularly with someone who has been at it since childhood.

We ‘re going to perform together!

Paul Nas
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