Planting trees (in Burkina Faso) while searching - Paul Nas
Ecosia, my search engine that helps plant trees with advertising revenue! Download the free browser extension and use Ecosia for each search.
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Plant een boom

Planting trees (in Burkina Faso) while searching

For some time now I use the new search engine ‘Ecosia’ instead of Google. Ecosia is the search engine that provides trees with its advertising revenues. Download the free browser extension and use Ecosia for each search. 80% of Ecosia’s profit is used to plant trees. Like other search engines, Ecosia makes use of advertisements, but the proceeds of this are used to a large extent to make our planet greener. So make your default search engine!

The ‘Green Wall’ runs through Burkina Faso

This also contributes to the ‘The Green Wall’ project. This project is working on the realization of a green strip of trees that runs from West Africa to East Africa. By digging trenches, water that falls in the rainy season is retained longer and all kinds of plants have the chance to settle in and around such a strip. The Green Wall also runs through the north of Burkina Faso and that is the reason that this project is working on that green area! (Look here for the project of OZG).

Ambition: planting 1 billion trees before 2020

Ecosia already has more than 5 million users and if you use the search engine you can immediately see how many trees have already been planted. At present, there are more than 24 million. You can also see how many trees you have already planted during the internet searches you provide. I have already worked on planting 177 new trees in a few weeks through my searches! So go directly to for a download of your new browser!

Demonstrated projects

Monthly reports are published that provide insight into the state of affairs concerning the various tree plant projects. Knowing more? Then take a look at

Short film about The Green Wall
Film (17 minutes) about reforestation in Burkina Faso
Paul Nas
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