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Class Amstelveen at Djembikkels

Class Amstelveen at Djembikkels

Dutch French

Since September last year, the Amstelveen balafon lesson group has been running. In a short time, the participants have become super enthusiastic. They practise together at least once a month in Studio Negunya and in between they also work hard at home to improve their motor skills and to get placement on the sound bars of the balafon. In recent weeks, they have even been preparing for a performance and I have been coaching with arrangements and playing together. Next Sunday, there will be a presentation of the Class Amstelveen at Djembikkels 10th anniversary party in Aalsmeer. The party starts at 1 pm and Negunya on Balafon will play at 3 pm. I can’t be there myself, unfortunately, but I’m already proud of them!


Negunya Balafoon (Amstelveen teaching group with additions) stole the show at the Jubilee of the Djembikkels! Yvonne, Ingrid, Inger and Hans on Balafoon, Winie on N’Goni and Balafoon, Edwin and Ineke on percussion. Still so short on the balafon and already performing in a performance with percussion accompaniment, N’Goni and vocals! Of course they played Awa Dabole too! Fantastic to see! This promises to be a great performance group with so much enthusiasm and perseverance. See below some video of the Class Amstelveen at Djembikkels!

Leerlingen Uithoorn

Winnie and Hans were both very happy with Negunya-Balafon’s success with the Djembikkels!

Paul Nas
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