Kunstkwartier (Artquarter) performance - Paul Nas
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Kunstkwartier (Artquarter) performance

Today I did the interactive show ‘The Dance of the Drummers’ in the context of Jeanpaul.cc. This time in St. Jozef School in Geldrop, commissioned by ‘KunstKwartier’ (ArtQuarter, for art development for Helmond, Geldrop-Mierlo and Nuenen). It was a theme day at school and in the morning the children of group 7 and 8 had already prepared for the performance. 110 pupils had already read part of the book that morning and were curious how their story would end. In the first part of the performance, the children are taken to Burkina Faso, the village of Ouezindougou and the Zongo family. They are introduced to daily life in the countryside in the Savannah of West Africa. In the second part of the performance part of the story The Dance of the Drummers is used and brought to life. The performance ends with a workshop in which five different instruments were distributed among the 110 pupils. Each pupil received his or her own assignment and each instrument got its own rhythm. Eventually everything was played together in a beautiful African percussion piece. The pupils thanked us afterwards for the fun performance and luckily also the teachers and the cultural coach of ‘Artquarter’ were enthusiastic. Jan Wilms and I were also very pleased and excited about the participation and enthusiasm of these pupils (from group 7 and 8, age 10 – 13 years). The temperature had risen considerably in the gym on this almost tropical day. After the performance a number of pupils stayed for a while to try out the balafon and pose for our decor. With several children behind the balafon an interesting play was shown and they clearly enjoyed it.


Paul Nas
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