Combination concert - Paul Nas
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Combination Concert

Combination concert

We have a wonderful performance behind us! On the initiative of Juliette, who regularly accompanied me with percussion and singing at gigs, the idea of this Combination Concert was born. She also sings at the ‘Singing Circle’ and gave her conductor the idea to set up this combined performance. The result is not just two performances within one concert evening, but the two participating groups have joined together in different places; most of the performance was to hear the vocals of the ‘Singing Circle’ and the Balafone music from West Africa together.

Singing Circle

This choir group sings polyphonic vocals in different styles. Use is made of songs and mantras from various cultures; a lot of World Music. It is a women’s group and they sing on Monday evening in Breda under the direction of Paulien Ongering. The ‘Singing Circle’ sees her chance to supplement the vocals of the group with the melodic percussion of the balafon and other percussion to give an extra ‘body’ to their repertoire. The planing includes Yemaya Awoyo, Hanikouni, Woza Moya, Fey-Oh and Tukakumana Na Nkwe.


The Balafoon ensemble ‘Bazani’ plays traditional balafon pieces from Mali and Burkina Faso. The balafon is central to this music, but also the N’Goni, the African lute, is used here and there. Further supplemented with percussion, vocals, flute and didgeridoo. The line-up for this performance is Jan van der Eijk (Balafon, N’Goni, vocals), Yvonne Smeelen (Balafon, vocals), Celinda Scheepers (Flute, Didgeridoo and vocals), Juliette Es (percussion and vocals) and Paul Nas (Balafoon and singing). For Bazani it is a great opportunity to have the balafon music properly accompanied by a polyphonic and enthusiastic singing group. The program includes Sinte Konofe, Bo Yaro, Jeriba, Ba Lo We A We Lo, Kodine and of course Bazani!

This one-time Combination concert has taken place on Saturday evening 2 June, in ‘De Ruimte’, Heuvelstraat 52b in Breda.

Combination Concert

Listen to this concert?

Combinatie Concert

Combinatie Concert


Paul Nas
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