BalaBos Summer Evening - Paul Nas
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BalaBos Summerevening

BalaBos Summer Evening

Wednesday evening again wonderfully played at the house of Anton during our BalaBos Summer evening! Few can intervene; whether it is freezing cold (see blog item about cold forest hut) or tropical temperatures; Anton, Hanneke and I are part of the party. This time after a tropical day, which lingered for a long time, we played outside. Often, despite good temperatures, we go inside because it is easier with lighting and you have less trouble with insects. Now it was really too hot! Hanneke had already worked with DEET so that had to go well. It also seems that the sign is less likely to be heard with this dry weather.

AIDS Conference

The acoustics was great and the balafoons are going to sound better and better with tropical weather! Of course we have made quite a few animals news-loving, who listened to us from the shadows ….. We played some of our favorite songs like Bazani, Kokorie, Bo Yaro, Djougouya Magni, Maria Njou Lo. But also something new was taken care of with SIDA a number about the prevention against AIDS. A great time to play this song given the current AIDS conference in Amsterdam. One of the visitors to that conference was an old (foreign) flame from Hanneke, and they have seen each other again and talked to a dinner after many years. A beautiful BalaBos story from Hanneke that Anton and I enjoyed listening to!

Paul Nas
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