Marcato Mondial - Paul Nas
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Marcato Mondial

Childrensmusical ‘Afrika’ was performed during the Festival Marcato Mondial in Blerick on 9 September 2018. Based on an idea by Jan Wilms, performed under the direction of Musical School ‘Stella Duce’ and director Lisanne Weijmans. For many, the highlight of the Festival. In weekly magazine ‘Via Venlo’ no less than three of the four photos were taken at the musical! Twice this was performed and thus a large part of the festival audience was served. You could see that the parents and other family of the children who were watching were very proud of their children in their execution of the beautiful story.

Life lesson

African stories often contain a simple lesson in life as a message; similarly this fairy tale. In two nearby villages discord arises when the wealth of one village is set against the poverty of the other village. After a number of complications it becomes clear that material prosperity, having things, is not important. Especially when it comes to being happy in life and with each other.


During the summer holidays the children worked in a children’s holiday week on play, dance and music for this musical. Besides Lisanne for the direction, Jan Wilms has given percussion instruction. Myriam van Lin (vocals) and Antoinette Thierry (dance) also provided workshops for the children. I have supported part of the music with balafons myself. I have taught a number of children rhythms for the balafon with accompanying songs. In addition, I also supported the performance with balafoon.

Short practice time

It has been quite a feat of the children to study this piece with all the art disciplines in it. “What useually takes for at least half a year, has now been rehearsed in just over one week!”

Paul Nas
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