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Grobund Byggefest Bouwfestival

Grobund ‘Byggefest’ Building Festival

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I will be giving a balafon frame-making workshop at the Grobund ‘Byggefest’ Building Festival on the coast of Denmark not far from Aarhus. It is a small-scale festival focusing on creativity and will be held from 15 to 20 July.  My dear Karin is in the process of learning the Danish language and we thought it would be fun to do something active during our holiday where we interact with Danish people a lot. In our internet search, we came across this festival where, besides the music in the evening, all kinds of construction projects can be worked on during the day. I asked the organizers of the Byggefest Festival if I could do a workshop there making 2 frames for balafons. I will work in clubs of two or three people on two frames. I will bring from the Netherlands two sound bar sets and gourds to fix in the frames. That way, I can make two beautiful balafons on the spot. One of them will have a place in the Grobund community‘s music centre. That is an initiative that is building a sustainable, waste-free and debt-free living community. The location where their ‘eco-village’ was started will also host this ‘Grobund Byggefest’. I will of course also bring a few workshop balafons and will also give a first musical introduction to the balafon for enthusiasts.

Translation part of the Danish website:

Grobund Byggfest Building Festival is a festival that focuses on creativity! By creating, building and learning with the head and hands, we create frameworks for, intercultural encounters, diversity, cooperation, celebration and colours. The Grobund Building Festival is like an amusement park with construction rides instead of roller coasters! We are looking for building materials, tools and help for each construction site or offer the opportunity to participate in a larger project organised by experienced builders. We offer activities and construction projects in which both children and adults can participate. You do not need any craft experience and you decide how much you want to build and how much you want to enjoy. Moreover, you can participate in communal food, workshops, lectures and concerts.

Everyone is a co-creator at the festival

Grobund building festival is a co-creating festival, in the community prices volunteer practical tasks are highly valued and distributed.  Working in the bar / Helping in the kitchen / Washing up help / Checking toilets / Checking / Managing waste bins / Cleaning building site / Clearing rubbish.

When you check in, you have to “draw a lottery ticket”! This is where you turn on the festival’s wheel of fortune, which lands on one of the above tasks. You can arrange the task alone or with your friends. We look forward to working with you to create the coolest festival together


‘10% of the festival’s budget goes to sustainable initiatives, local and global’

What does the entrance fee cost? (prices in 2019)

A six-day passe partout for the Grobund ‘Byggefest’ Building Festival costs DKK 500.(€67). A day ticket for Grobund Building Festival costs DKK 175.(€23.50) There is, of course, also a passe partout for small builders of 250 kr. Little ones get in for free.

Grobund Byggefest Bouwfestival

You can buy food tickets for all meals along with his ticket. The food is vegetarian / vegan. Breakfast – 30 kr / Breakfast – 40 kr / Dinner – 50 kr

Where is the festival?

Address: Kaarsbergvej 2, 8400 Ebeltoft. The festival is located in idyllic beachfront surroundings on the nose of Djursland, 4 km south of Ebeltoft, in central Denmark.


Especially for the Grobund Building Festival, there is a camping area for tents 20 metres from the beach. If you are coming with a caravan, houseboat or similar, please contact the organisers in advance.

What should I bring?

Tent, sleeping bag, mattress, Work clothes and shoes, Sunscreen and mosquito spray, Cash/credit card/mobilepay, Your own tools if you want, There is a limited tool for loans

The festival offers free of charge:

Loan of common tools, drills, cutters, jigsaws. There is also the opportunity to use (with guidance) a power saw, saw mill, column drill, etc., building materials, construction ideas, music, workshops.


Kitchen and bar / Hand washing stations / Self-built toilets / Delicious beach and sea water

The kitchen offers: Breakfast (8-11 am) / Breakfast (13-15) / Dinner (18:30 – 20:00)

It is possible to buy vegetarian food. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to cook, taking into account vegans or allergies

The bar (08-02) offers: beer / water / drinks / shots. In addition, coffee, cake, ice cream, toast and nachos

NB: These opening hours for the kitchen and bar are approximate times!

Who controls the construction projects?

It is not always a skilled, professional supervisor who manages construction projects. It can also be enterprising co-creators like you who can stand in for them. NB! The construction projects and other activities of the festival are at your own risk. Should bad luck strike, the festival has a team of Samaritans ready to help.

Who is behind the festival?

The Grobund association is the voluntary association behind the festival. The aim of the association is to initiate initiatives working with waste-free, debt-free, off-grid construction and green entrepreneurship. Find out more and become a member of Want to participate as a volunteer, conduct a workshop or attend a workshop during the Grobund ‘Byggefest’ Building Festival? Write to for participation to the Grobund ‘Byggefest’ Building Festival.

Paul Nas
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