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Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020

Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020 Promotion

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]There will be a Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020! Daan and Emma are back in full preparations and promotion has started for their lovely activity. I too have been asked to conduct a workshop again. This time for Balafon and Singing. Sometimes the weekend falls just in the period I am in Burkina Faso, but this time it works out well. I will just be back home and can join the weekend. Apart from doing some workshops myself, I am also looking forward to the festive dance evening on Saturday.

Just before the pandemic made everything impossible, we had another great Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020! It started, of course, with a call. I had only just returned from Burkina Faso and had also heard stories about Corona in China. We were still joking, whether we would still be able to return to Europe. Maybe all air traffic would come to a standstill!

But just after that, Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020 could go ahead. It was not very well attended, the formula was perhaps also a bit uncomfortable. But I gave fun workshops and danced wonderfully on Saturday night. Paulus also had a ‘band’ workshop that performed on Saturday; great fun!

The announcement / PR

Tuka Tuka 2020 at a glance: a fully catered weekend in African spheres. Workshops: djembé, n’goni, doundoun, balafon, singing, afropop and dancing. Cosy evenings. Cost € 139, including accommodation, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday, breakfast/lunch on Sunday and all drinks during the weekend (coffee and tea during the day and a selection of juices, soft drinks and alcoholic snacks in the evening, as you are used to from us), excluding any extras such as instrument hire and bedding.

I am participating in the 19th edition of the Tuka Tuka Weekend! This year in Veldhoven, home to the amazing accommodation of De Buitenjan. This former monastery, which previously hosted a particularly fine weekend, houses on its grounds everything you look for in a fine place and then in a very atmospheric setting too.

African workshop weekend with donation system

This time, Tuka Tuka is working with a donation system. That means visitors pay a basic amount for accommodation & meals, listening to music and/or making. In addition, you can participate in workshops; this edition I’ll be there for three classified!

10.00 -12.30, Balafon with Percussion, Paul Nas, booking by registration form
14.30 – 16.00, African Singing with Balafon and Percussion, Paul Nas, reservation not required.
10.00 -12.30, Balafon with Percussion, Paul Nas, reservation not required

More information on www.tuka-tuka.eu (also more photo’s)

Not yet registered for Tuka-Tula Weekend 2020? Do it now!

Tuka-Tuke Weekend 2020
Paul Nas
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