Electric N'Goni and Kora - Paul Nas
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NGoni en Kora

Electric N’Goni and Kora

My friend Bouba Kaita is a Malian Dutchman who plays fantastic Balafon, N’Goni and Kora. But in addition to being a musician, he is also an instrument maker. He also builds Balaphones, and traditional Kora’s and N’Goni’s (with calabas). He recently developed an electric Kora and an electric N’Goni (so with a small goat skin and without calebas!). Here some photos and a video clip of a prototype N’Goni that he made. Knowing more? Contact him at 0031(0)6-84946182

Elektrische Ngoni
Bouba Kaita

Here you see Bouba showing the basic sound of this electric N’Goni.

NGoni en Kora
Paul Nas
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