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Electric NGoni


My friend Bouba Kaita is a Malian Dutchman, who has been living and working with his family in the Netherlands for a number of years now. He was a griot in Mali and plays various instruments, both African and Western instruments. He plays fantastic Balafoon, N’Goni and Kora, among others. In the Netherlands he tries to rebuild his life as a musician and plays at occasions where he can show himself. But in addition to being a musician, he is also an instrument maker of traditional instruments. He also builds Balafoons, and traditional Koras and N’Goni’s (with calabas). He also hopes to be able to start working at a Vancore Percussion Instruments in Joure, close to where he lives. He recently developed an electric Kora and an electric NGoni. These do not have a calabash but an electric element, like an electric guitar. A small piece of goatskin has been used to preserve the original sound of the African Kora and Ngoni as much as possible. Here some photos and a video of a prototype N’Goni that he made. Do you want to know more about this Electric NGoni or other instruments it can make? Contact him on 06-84946182. (Some of his instruments are also for sale through Stiggelbout)

Elektrische NGoni
Bouba Kaita

Here you see Bouba showing the basic sound of this electric N’Goni.

NGoni en Kora
Paul Nas
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