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Tour de Ouezindougou

Tour de Ouezindougou

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It has been several years since I made the short film in Burkina entitled: ‘Tour de Ouezindougou’ was to support a specific project in the village of Ouezindougo. which is near Sabou, on the road between Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso. It was in the aftermath of the Buggenum (NL) – Ouezindougou (BF) project when I visited the village with Jan Wilms. Wells had been dug, the village school had been expanded, there had been a festival. Furthermore, a community centre had been realized, a photo exhibition and a garden project where fencing of the gardens had been financed.

Cycling race

During our visit, we exchanged some donations and were allowed to hand out cycling clothes made available by the Buggenum bicycle shop. I conceived the plan to organise a bicycle race in the village. It had come to my attention that in Burkina Faso the cycling race ‘Tour de Faso’ was held regularly. There was also a nice documentary about it which can still be seen on the internet. It enjoyed organizing a local tour and handing out cycling clothes as prizes.

Film report

There appeared to be enthusiasm for the idea and a course was set up on the parallel road along the main road from Ouagadougo to Bobo Dioulasso. As a reporter, I took a seat, backwards on a moped to make a film report. Not harmless but accomplished without (my) injuries…. I am quite satisfied with the result! Put a nice piece of music behind it by Troupe Saaba and most of it was made in a few shots. Hope you enjoy the Tour de Ouezindougou too!

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