Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report - Paul Nas De Balafoon is mijn Passie
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Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report

Tuka-Tuka 2020 was very different organised this year! People did not register for specific workshops until they were already present at the weekend! So we had to wait and see ….

However, the atmosphere was as usual! See my earlier post about this here. Saturday I had a well-filled workshop Balafon and a singing workshop. A smashing party on Saturday evening; so the fact that my last workshop on Sunday morning was a bit less busy was actually quite convenient.

Just before Tuka-Tuka 2020, a new website has also been launched: Tuka-Tuka.com. A community-based website for anyone involved with African percussion or dance.

Tuka-Tuka 2020
Tuka-Tuka 2020

I also found an old presentation of a workshop that I held at Tuka-Tuka in 2016 on Youtube, posted by Ruud Holtmark. Rhythms ‘Diarra Allay‘ and ‘Koniya Ba’

Paul Nas
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