Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report - Paul Nas the Balafon is my Passion!
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Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report

Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report

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Just a quick note: the Tuka-Tuka 2020 Report; fun to look back at. Just before the pandemic made everything impossible, we had another great Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020! It started, of course, with a call. I had only just returned from Burkina Faso and had also heard some stories there about Corona in China. We were still joking, whether we would still be able to return to Europe. Maybe all air traffic would come to a standstill! Yet the atmosphere during the weekend was not affected. Nobody was actually serious about it yet. More important was the music and contacts! Here is the Tuka-Tuka 2020 report.

But just about consecutively, Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020 could go ahead anyway. It was reasonably well attended, the formula perhaps a bit uncomfortable. But I gave fun workshops and danced wonderfully on Saturday night. There were N’Goni workshops given by Michiel and by Meta / Julliette with great results. Paulus also had a ‘band’ workshop who performed on Saturday; great fun!


I myself gave two workshops and still managed to enthuse new people. But as for the latter at the N’Goni workshop, it was even better; Mirjam and Malu became (permanently) inspired by the N’Goni. It prompted Mirjam to get serious about it. In no time she was able to join Balabos, the trio Anton and I had left. It clicked musically right away and today we rehearse weekly (still in November 2022). We also already perform occasionally for smaller companies and care centres. Malu also got into music nicely after the weekend; N’Goni, singing, handpan. A beautiful result of Tuka-Tuka Weekend 2020!

More photo’s on www.tuka-tuka.eu

N'Goni workshop
On Youtube I found a video of a balafon presentation in 2016.

Presentation  in 2016, with Debbie, Yvonne and Helma. We performed  ‘Diarra Allay’ en ‘Koniya Ba’

Paul Nas
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