Balafoonmeeting Campingweekend Leeuwarden 2020 - Paul Nas
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Balafoonmeeting Kampeerweekend Leeuwarden 2020

Balafoonmeeting Campingweekend Leeuwarden 2020

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With the cancellation of all kinds of fun percussion and Africa events, space suddenly appeared in the calendar for organizing an activity of our own. With the Africa Festival Hertme cancelled, I thought it would be possible to organise a Balafoonmeeting Campingweekend Leeuwarden 2020. I invited my students and some potentially interested people. A total of 19 people came along and I thought that would be a nice maximum for. Via Inger, I had ended up at De Kleine Wielen campsite in Leeuwarden; she has a permanent seasonal pitch there herself and one of the meadows “Sloten” was very suitable for events (the 11 different meadows are named after the Frisian Elfsteden). I asked Bouba Kayta to join the workshop and he taught or some more details about the rhythms covered and the balafon.

On Friday afternoon, most gathered at the campsite; we had asked for everyone to bring something to eat for the first evening. Despite the bad weather forecast, Friday night was dry and we were able to play music outside by the tents.

Balafoonmeeting Kampeerweekend Leeuwarden 2020Balafoonmeeting Kampeerweekend Leeuwarden 2020
Main ImageBalafoonmeeting Kampeerweekend Leeuwarden 2020

Holding classes outside was unfortunately out of the question this weekend. But we were perfectly able to go to the village hall ‘Yn ‘E Mande’ of Tietjerksteradeel (the Timbuktu of Friesland!). A beautiful space. Once inside, we forgot that it was raining cats and dogs outside at times….

We worked on ‘Deni‘, a rhythm I had learnt earlier from Bouba Kayta. A second song was Kodanya.

On Saturday evening, we had dinner at the restaurant of De Kleine Wielen campsite. When we finished eating, the other customers had already returned to their tents or caravans. When one asked if we wanted anything else, I suggested a dance floor and some music. That fell on good ground and so we spent another two hours dancing to music from the 80s and 90s!

By Sunday afternoon it was all over, and a weekend like this is suddenly over very quickly. Well, who knows, maybe next year there will be a follow up to the Balafoonmeeting Campingweekend Leeuwarden 2020?

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