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Waterland Kunstpad

In September, an exhibition will be organized in the woods near Tilburg, on banks of the Leie, entitled Waterland Kunstpad 2020. From 19 to 27 September 2020, the Waterland art path will take place at the “De Siptenpad”. A small-scale project of 9 artists from Tilburg and surroundings.

Water is a very topical theme in climate change and with it the role that water plays in life on earth. It makes clear our dependent relationship with nature. It is easier to raise questions about that relationship in nature than in the city. In the Netherlands, real nature is not really within reach, but there is of course an outside area. In the outskirts of Tilburg, we want to present the visitor with a route where culture and nature meet. A place where modern urban people are questioned about their perception of nature through their own language of culture.

The route that can initiate a journey. A voyage of discovery in and out. A journey that does not require flying to distant destinations. A journey that can be made by bicycle even within the municipal boundary by Tilburg residents.

Participating artists:

Josemieke Segers, Judith de Vries, Will Verhoeven, Gerry Peene, Bert van der Lee, Ger Stallenberg, Conny Mahieu, Elise van Meene , Frederik Theuwis en Jan van Ussel

Waterland Trio

I am joining a musical trio that make music at a few moments during the exhibition week as ‘Waterland Trio’. On one of the songs I play a Ghanaian balafon, or a ‘Gyill’. But we do more! We also play other songs (where I also sing and play guitar) with ‘Water’ as the theme. Below is a cheerful impression of the song in question with the ‘Gyill’. Josemieke Segers on guitar and Berndine de Wolff on accordion.

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Paul Nas
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