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Balabos bij Grotto

Balabos at Grotto

Dutch French

On 13 September, Balabos played at Grotto! It was a sunny weekend and in such a case, we are keen to just have a little gig somewhere. Grotto is a small forest café in De Warande, the park forest in Tilburg-West (close to where I live). In the middle of this starry forest is a circular grassy area where Grotto is located. Some hikers rest there over a cup of coffee or a beer, but it attracts people anyway to take a break in the forest to recover from anything.

Unannounced gig

A beautiful place to make music. However, no concerts were organised on site this year due to corona measures. So then, unannounced there was a place to make some music. Took some cushions and spread them out at one and a half metres for possible audience. But the audience also chose to stay put and move around a bit.

Balafon & N’Goni

Miriam has been playing the N’Goni for a few months now, and she is doing just fine! In February, she attended the first workshop at Tuka-Tuka with Meta and Juliette. After that, she got some inspiration via Youtube and learned some rhythms. Now she is already finding her own patterns to songs Anton, Hanneke and I have been playing in the Balabos! Mirjam has now become a regular participant, making her a welcome addition when Hanneke unfortunately quit. Ellen is currently getting acquainted with our little group and is considering becoming a regular second balafonist. Welcome Ellen! Joining Grotto next year with Balabos at Grotto?

We played for half an hour. Among others, Sinte Konofe, Orodara Sidiki and Tyowa Bayo. It was nice that people seemed to enjoy our performance quietly. However, there were also some people from our dance group who had caught wind of it and were looking for suitable (dance) moves.

Paul Nas
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