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Mamadou Diabate

Mamadou Diabaté & Percussionmania at Afrikafestival Hertme 2017

Dutch French

Good memories of Mamadou Diabaté & Percussionmania at Afrikafestival Hertme 2017? I found a nice video of ‘Masaba Kan’ as performed on 2 July 2017. What a lovely swinging song! I was unfortunately not there myself at the time but the atmosphere from the performance feels great. I immediately feel like dancing!

The song is also on Mamadou Diabaté’s Album ‘Masaba’. There it is sung by one of my favourite Burkinabè singers: Kandy Guira. I would love to play the song one day and who knows, maybe I can learn it from himself (or else Youssouf Keita or Oumarou Bambara. I did already try to ‘puzzle out’ the song myself and make patterns to it. At Hertme, the song was played on a balafon tuned in A-major and I happen to have one of those. It makes it easier to try to analyse songs when the balafon is in the right tuning. We also used these balafons in the first years of the workshops in Mali, so I can recall some of that too. Later, at my request, we switched to the – now established – ‘Dutch tuning’.

Also playing in Percussion Mania is Mamadou’s brother; Seydou ‘Kanazoé’ Diabaté, who has built a beautiful repertoire with his own band.

Mamadou Diabaté & Percussionmania at Africa Festival Hertme!

To the right / below, you can listen to the version on the Album ‘Masaba’ on spotify at your leisure:

Paul Nas
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