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Vancouver Balafon Community

Vancouver Balafoncommunity

Dutch French

A while ago I received a message about the Vancouver Balafoncommunity  and was in contact with Corinne Durin from Comox, a town on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. She informed me that she was studying the numbers on my website. From the mail I already got the impression that she was musically educated. But she also told me that she herself was teaching others in her immediate surroundings. E has a class with a few people who receive lessons at her home.  They had already worked on Be Lo We A We Lo and Diarabi Outtoro, but also Barica and Commis and now she was working on Gnasso! She also mentioned that there is a lively  drum- and balafoncommunity is on Vancouver Island; including in Victoria, the biggest city there. In the contract we had afterwards, we exchanged about making sticks the few workshops she had attended with Mamoudou Diabaté.

Later, she sent a video of a small demonstration of Diarabi Outtoro with the group she plays with at home. It seems that the participants also have a good balafon at their disposal. Super! I was allowed to share it here, play them Corinne and your balafon group!

Paul Nas
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