Convivio Kingsday 2021 - Balabos - De Balafon is my Passion
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Convivio Kingsday 2021

Just like last year, we performed with our Balabos group at Convivio Kingsday 2021. Mirjam, Anton and myself have been playing together for a while now and have built up a beautiful repertoire and can tell a nice story. With this we try to give the residents of Small-scale Residential Facility Convivio a nice afternoon. We bring along instruments, wrap skirts and some African hats for enthusiastic residents to use during the festivities. This year they also sang along with the song ‘Awa Dabole’, which means “The party is about to begin” in a West African language.

Convivio Koningsdag 2021

When we started preparing and setting up, the first residents were already ready and we were already able to get to know some of our audience. We were able to position ourselves in the sun (but inside could have also been done in more gloomy weather). The first song was already dancing. The staff present made a great effort to activate people, have them sing along or make music and dance. It was also nice that carers were welcome and invited to attend. All residents and staff have been vaccinated, so nothing stood in the way of a nice afternoon at Convivio Kingsday 2021!

Paul Nas
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