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Summerworkshops Loon op Zand

Summerworkshops Loon op Zand

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From 9 to 12 August I will give a four-day balafon workshop during the Summerworkshops Loon op Zand! Four days of fun with African music. And if you want,  camping and a campfire in the evening. Meeting new people while playing music (or any other workshop).

The Troubadour of Burkina Faso

The balafonist tells about the history of the West African peoples and their heroes with his instrument, but also gives life lessons and wise advice on current developments. Wooden sound bars, gourds and a playing stick in each hand; the pentatonic balafon always sounds good! We are going to play different rhythms with two patterns and a melody line. Anyone who wants to can sing along.

Anyone with a sense of rhythm in their hands and/or percussion experience who wants to get acquainted with the pentatonic (five-tone) balafon is welcome. We are going to work on different rhythms with which we can quickly start making music. I take enough balafons with me. During the lessons I use a handy indication for the different sound bars that help you with the game.

We will work with a maximum of 10 people for the balafon workshop. In addition, a maximum of 3 people are welcome who want to supplement the African orchestra with singing and small percussion.

Register and more information about the other workshops during the Summerworkshops Loon op Zand (Zomeratelier Loon op Zand)


Unfortunately de balafon workshop was cancelled due to to few subscribers. Perhaps another year I will try to make a combination for a balafon meeting for students with this nice initiative.

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