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Balafonmeeting 19 june 2021

Balafonmeeting 19 june 2021

Dutch French

As some classes were cancelled during the pandemic, I tackled several opportunities to organise some extra in the summer. First on 5 June, but also held another Balafonmeeting 19 June 2021. Again at Amarant’s meeting space, the Hooge Veer, which is located around the corner from me. We worked on Donso Dana a Bwaba music that tells a whole story about the role of the village’s hunter. Because he knows many secrets of the forest and the workings of plants, he has also become a kind of doctor-medicine man. A beautiful story in which a pigeon tells him about the secrets of the forest.

Impression of the Balafonmeeting 19 June 2021

We usually hold an after-party at my place at the end of a meeting. That’s around the corner from Amarant, where we hold the workshop. On 19 June, the weather was nice and we could sit outside and play some music. Mirjam and Winnie had brought their N’Goni. They also play songs that we normally accompany with the balafon so that was a nice combination. Playing in the garden is also well appreciated in the neighbourhood. Especially the children from our street sometimes approach the music with curiosity.

Paul Nas
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