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Tuintonenfestival ’22


Negunya Balafon was present at the Tuintonenfestival ’22 (Festival of Garden Tunes’) in Watergang on a beautiful summer day on 11 June 2022. Special guest was Youssouf Keita; Balafon builder and player born Malian, now living in Burkina Faso. In recent years, several students, and myself, have been in Bobo Dioulasso, where he lives for a workshop. He was temporarily in the Netherlands for a stay for work and holidays, as a guest of Dutch Balafola.

Watergang is like the Giethoorn of North Holland, a pretty village on the water with nice houses and cottages, beautiful gardens and traffic-free (dead-end) street. Several villagers open up their gardens for this festival, where music makers of all kinds can come and play their music. Via Ineke (who also participated in a samba band), we had ended up at this Tuintonenfestival ’22 and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Not only Youssouf was an addition but a whole percussion section had been added for the occasion so that besides Ineke, Robert, Marcin and Joep were now playing the baras, djembé and sabar.

Within Negunya itself, other than Ineke, other than balafon players were represented. Inger, Winnie and Bas (who unfortunately could not make it today) play the N’Goni. Inger also plays (in addition to N’Goni and balafon) the occasional flute alongside the pieces; a super addition to the balafon music!

Almost the entire Balafoon Uithoorn teaching group was represented; only Ingrid was still on holiday. Meaghan, Yvonne, Hans, Anne Marie, Winnie and myself played this time in the West African, Pentatonic balafon pieces from Burkina Faso and Mali.

The repertoire this time consisted of: Awa dabole, Bo Yaro, Samba Mousso Ko, Landa, Pa Oui Bobo, Fanta Djarabi, Senale Malin, Tyowa Bayo and Mi Who Yi Be We.

It was a lovely day! Summer temperatures, two sets played, nice different music and a nice atmosphere. Lovely!

Youssouf playst Paulsings

Photos and Film by our group and Soraya Cardoze; thanks!

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