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Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Dutch French

Negunya played along the road during the Amsterdam Marathon 2022. After the bad weather we had at the Dam-to-Dam Run, we were hoping for nicer weather. It was cold but also with sunshine; so made nice music for the runners. We stood along the main course for the race runners and that made the time span manageable by a couple of hours. It did mean a constant stream of runners and with that, basically the moral obligation to play constantly.

I myself also enjoyed playing the bass drums used for djembe rhythms again. I sometimes miss playing mainly with the balafon, instead of experiencing the physical exertion of playing doundoun or sangban. It was great to play Soli and the Dununbè again. Robert, Robert but also Yvonne have turned out to be fine players with whom I can jam nicely on the bass drums.

Marcin had brought his clarinet and Bas his N’Goni. Nice additions to the balafon music!

Fortunately, we were with a sizeable club that could perform both balafon numbers and Djembé / Doundoun numbers:

Yvonne, Anne Marie, Bas, Marcin, Anno, and with photo: Rik, Robert and Robert and myself

It was a great opportunity to pick up some of our songs and play through them properly! The runners only got a small piece of it anyway and didn’t stop to listen or correct us (ha, ha!)

Paul Nas
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