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Window Route St Anna

Window Route St Anna ’23 Tilburg

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St Anna is a neighbourhood in Tilburg where residents themselves regularly organise activities for the neighbourhood. On the weekend of 15 and 16 April 2023, a ‘Window’ Route St Anna will be organised, featuring Art & Creativity. At the starting point; the Mattheusbos in Capucijnenstraat, ‘Balabos’ will perform between 11am and 12.30pm.

Framed Art

Balabos is a trio that gives its own interpretative of traditional West African music. Balabos consists of (local resident and owner of ‘De Kaarsentempel’ on Bredaseweg) Mirjam de Leuw with her N’Goni, Anton Sluijtman (percussion) and Paul Nas (Balafon and vocals). For some blog entries on Balabos, see here.

On 15 & 16 April, a new “window’  Route will be organised in St Anna, full of Art & Creativity. More than 60 local residents will showcase their work and hobby and there will be performances at 4 different locations. The starting point of the walk is the Mattheusbos on Capucijnenstraat, where you can get a free map of all participating addresses and artists.
The Mattheusbos is also the starting point of the city walk on both days at 1pm, which you can join for free. A great way to see unknown spots of the beautiful district. You can sign up for it at stating ‘Window’ Route St Anna’. For the little ones (2 to 8 years), there will be a workshop by ‘Vliegop!Atelier’ on Sunday 16 April in Wijkcentrum De Nieuwe Stede from 2pm – participation is free.
The ramen route starts at 11am both days and ends at 5pm. Both days there will be performances in the Mattheusbos, the Nieuwe Stede, The Troubadour and the Capuchin Church. The full programme will be available in due course at

Window Route St Anna
Paul Nas
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