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Vereniging Behoud Moerenburg

50 years preserving Moerenburg

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I was asked if I could do something at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Vereniging Behoud Moerenburg in Tilburg (association to preserve the park). The landscape park is in the spotlight in our city, also because the Tilburg municipality has a controversial plan for (yet more) hospitality development. I oppose the plans as they stand and hope the city council listens to its citizens on this matter and drops the plan.

So in the meantime, I am happy to participate in the anniversary activity on Sunday 17 September in the park itself. I will be there between 11am and 4pm doing balafon-building demonstration. Balabos will also perform there for the Society for the Preservation of Moerenburg. We will then play traditional West African pieces on N’goni, Bodhràn and Balafon.

Vereniging Behoud MoerenburgVereniging Behoud Moerenburg

Moerenburg is an attractive area on the southeastern outskirts of Tilburg with an agricultural character and an important function for nature and landscape. Moerenburg forms the westernmost part of Het Groene Woud, the National Landscape between Tilburg, Eindhoven and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This website serves as an introduction to this beautiful area and aims to be a link for all recreational, sporting, ecological and cultural-historical activities taking place in Moerenburg, the Sustainability Valley and Piushaven.
This website is also the mouthpiece of the Werkgroep Behoud Moerenburg, a residents’ initiative supported by the municipality from the neighbouring Tilburg district of Armhoefse Akkers.

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