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Grobund Byggefest '23

Grobund Byggefest ’23

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For the third time, we hit the road for the one-week festival ‘Grobund Byggefest ’23’ in Ebeltoft in Denmark. As usual, I am offering a balafon-building workshop there where people can help me or make their own (simple) balafon. I had created an information page on this website for potentially interested parties

This time, Ida had applied in advance to overhaul her own balafon herself under my guidance. Unfortunately, she could only come for one day and she then took her balafon apart and took it with her; ‘See you at the Utamaduni Camp’ she wrote on a note before she left. She hoped we could den rebuild the balafon there that Utamaduni Camp, to which I would go later ……. to be continued ……

Arthur spontaneously volunteered and was keen to spend a few days building. I had brought some sound bars from my stash and we picked some from there to make a new balafon. His brother Oscar sometimes came to check how things were going. Arthur had some other programmes and in the end we had to speed up to get a result.

Since I was to give a balafon-playing workshop at the Utamaduni Camp after this festival, I had brought 15 balafons with me and could also offer a workshop at the Byggefest. Below is an impression of that workshop. The festival’s website has a promo on the English page, and on the Danish page a television report of this year’s Grobund Byggefest ’23 (in Danish, of course).

Every night there was a performance by a band and then dancing at the ‘Silent Disco’ or later in the week with various DJs. Lovely dancing (including with Sara and Nune)!

Paul Nas
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