Balakulanya / Soli-lent - Paul Nas
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Balakulanya / Soli-lent

Last updated 5 April 2015


Soli-lent (slow Soli) is a Malinke-rhythm from Guinee that was played before, during and after initiationrituals; especially during the last three days before initiation. Everybody dances on this slow rhytm. Nowadays is played often, also at other party’s where is speculated on the furtility of this marriage. Balakulanya (Balakulandyan) is a soli-lent variation; sometimes the patterns of Sangban and Doundoun are switched.

(1) Bala Kulandya! den de fissa!, – keme ta iye n’so den na!
I ba keme ke den kelen sonko di. – keme ta iye n’so den na!

Balakulandya! (= Herron) When will I have my own child?
Take a hundred thing but give me a child
I will offer a hundred things for getting a child!
Answer: You can not buy a child

solo: (2) Eee bala´klanya, na ma kwa bou di ee Bala´klanya
answer: eee, bala´klanya, lee ke na gi la ma bon je, eee

(3) Aïti iwuliba Dembati iti wuliba söli bara se,
Get up, mothers of the children! ; the Söli is about to come.

Lessons: Martin Bernhard, Famoudou Konaté, Jaco Benders.
Written material:: Famoudou Konaté, Famoudou Konaté /Thomas Ott, Åge Delbanco, Ponda O’Bryan, Anton Kamp, Paul Janse, Stephan Rigert, Rafaël Kronberger, Mamady Keïta.