Demosoni Kelen - Paul Nas
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Demosoni Kelen

Last updated 3 June 2012


De Mousso ni Kelen (Demosoni Kelen) is a Dunumba-rhythm: ‘Demosoni Kelen’ is translated by ‘a young girl’. The players apostrophise the girls with allusive mockery of decidedly sexual character. The girls pay them back in their own kind, casting doubt frequently on the quality of the percussionists’ ‘sticks’. (text in booklet with Mamady Keita’s Hamana-CD). Some suggest that an alternative name can be ‘Demosoni Senkelen’, but this appears to mean ‘woman with one leg’ (a joke?).

Lessons from Martin Bernhard, Haruna Dembele
Written material: Åge Delbanco, Rafael Kronberger (named Conoule, also djembé solo 1). Marjo Veerman from Haruna Dembele.