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Djabara / Yabara

Last updated 3 December 2006


The name of the rhythm Djabara (Yabara) comes from the music-instrument Djabara. It’s from the Wassolon-region and is a rhythm of greeting of (high positioned) guests of the village. During the ‘french’ period it was urged to play this rhythm for french government officials.

Burama den nde fisa, Denko waliyadi,
Burama den nde gnokonte, Denko waliyadi…

(Burama, you really need a child, Burama, the child is indispensable)

Lessons from Martin Bernhard en Mamady Keïta.
Written material from Ushi Bilmeier & Mamady Keïta, Serge Blanc, Paul Janse, Rafaël Kronberger and Larry Morris.