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Djansa / Dansa / Yansa

Last updated 14 March 1999


Djansa (Dansa, Yansa, Diansa) is originally coming from the Kassounke-people from Southern Mali (Kayes-region), Originally it was a competition dance for the young men; nowadays a popular rhythm, played all over West Africa. In Mali in earlier days, only two bass-drums were used. A third pattern was added (here kenkeni-pattern) and its logical that different kenkeni patterns on different occasions were improvised. Pick the one you like best!

Yado yado mayhonteyla, yado yado….

Farafina’s Moroman Wouele is a piece with Djansa as basic rhythm:

I yee mama woule dounja
a-yee moroman toro san dounja
iyo moroman torra man nanna yerela kolela moggo ten ya mie

ee moroman wouele, ee moroman wouele,
ee moroman woule, na na yella folila moggo tie do

no yaye dounja die ten allala,
fanta den nouko ten nan minya
no yaye dounja de tan wollo,
so man den nou fo te sa dounja
no yaye dounja die tan alla
farafju na nu kuma ten nan dounja
aye moroman nenne manna yerela folela moggo ten ya mie

ee moroman wouele, ee moroman wouele,
ee mogoman woule, na na yella folila moggo tie do

Lessons from Martin Bernhard and Ponda ‘Bryan
Written material: Åge Delbanco, Ponda O’Bryan, Stephan Rigert, Larry Morris, Paul Janse and Rafaël Kronberger.