DounDoun workshop - Paul Nas
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DounDoun workshop

Dutch French

I have started giving Doundoun workshops and lessons again. I myself missed the physical activity of playing doundoun intensively. I now find it a nice way to offer a beautiful activity that also gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I have played West African rhythms on djembe and doundouns for years. With Annye Folike, Afrodisiac and IDON! I gained the routine and insight into the strucy of many rhythms. I also analysed and described these on my WAP-pages; a database for West African percussion. During my 10 years of experience as a Balafon teacher I have noticed that I am very good at passing on the enthusiasm and the rhythms.

Doundoun workshop for 15 to 30 people

Three different drum pitches (Kenkeni, Sangban and Doundoun) together provide a wonderful rhythmic experience. Everyone contributes with his or her drum, so it is also a great team experience to make music together. Please contact us to check out the possibilities and to compose a programme!

Doundoun playing in a group

The Djembé is one thing, but the doundouns are actually the basis for West African Percussion. Many djembe players get the need, sooner or later, to deepen their knowledge of doundoun playing. This can be done on an occasional basis with an existing djembe group or – if there is sufficient interest – regularly on location.