G'Beredu - Paul Nas
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Last updated 31 July 2007


G’Beredu is a Dounounba-rhythm; a dance for the strong men, from the Malinke in the Hamana-region in Guinea. This Dounoumba is named after a specific part of the Hamana Region. There is known some confusion about the existence of G’ Beredu I and II. I have found that what some have learned initially as Konowoulen II (or G’Beredu II) is in just G’Beredu.

Lessons: Martin Bernhard and Mamadou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta.
Written material: Åge Delbanco and Michael Wall, both learned it from Mambiba Baegne. Paul Janse and Marc Willems (as Konowoulen II) both learned from Ponda O Bryan, Rob den Brasem; West Afrikaanse and Cuban rhythms.