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Last updated 28 September 2014


Kadan, a Malinke-rhythm from the Kankan, Kouroussa and Siguiri areas in Guinee, is one of the dunumba-rhythms. The dunumba-rhythms are traditionally only danced by men: ‘The dance of the strong men’. The Kadan is a dance for the bilakoros (non-circumcised children). ‘Kadan’ (liana bracelet in Malinke) is both the name of these anklets (6 to 8 in number) and of the dance. The bilakoros are the specialists in this dance, which people come and watch like a show. The anklets clink against each other, while the (solo)phrases of djembé, dounodun and sangban correspond to the steps. While the breaks presented here are played, it’s very nice if the kenkeni continues at all times.

I yo dala oo-ee, san da la oo, I yo ya na dja bilakoro jee don da
Bafa bilakoro !, kanti da dinda

….here come the bilakoros, dancing the Kadan.

Lessons from Martin Bernhard and Ponda O’Bryan.
Written materiaal: Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta, Åge Delbanco, Paul
Janse, Rafaël Kronberger.