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Kassa Djibo / Kassa ni Soro / Wurende

Last updated 19 October 2012


It’s a rhythm that is part of the Kassa family, that support the farmers during their work. The first song is one of Mamoudou ‘Delmundo’ Keïta. Second song is on the CD ‘Wurende’ by Famoudou Konaté.

La y la, mousso ‘n dja lindé, la y la, o dinté sile la (solo)
ala le lo morofa dana, ala lelo mourou dana (all)
(If a strong woman is behind you, there is noting to fear,
not even a gun (morofa) or a nife (mourou)).

Wurende, la di ma sen da Wurende, a luu ma lee
Wuren’ kouroudamba, da di da ka me ra da lu la de ke la
(I have lost my jingling anklets (Wurende), has anybody found them?
I wanna let the youngsters in the village know that the sun is going to set
You have to work from morning to the evening or you won’t achieve anything)

Lessons: Martin Bernhard, Ibro Konaté: ‘Kassa Djibo’
CD’s: Famoudou Konate: Guinea rhythms and songs, volume II: ‘Wurende’.
Written material: Åge Delbanco (van Koumbganan Conde): ‘Kassa ni sorro’. Also Rafaël Kronberger.