Kawa - Paul Nas
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‘Like the Söliwoulen, the Kawa is a mask who tracks down wizards and other ‘people of the shadow’, marabous or evil sorcerers of the fetish cult. He is armed with the börö, a sack that allows him both to detect and to strike them. His task is nevertheless difficult, for the wizards defend themselves. As is the case with most of the malinké maskers, the Kawa is exclusively masculine and dances alone, accompanied by the singing and the handclapping of the women.’ (text from leaflet CD Mögöbalu by Mamady Keïta).
The rhythm comes from the Faranah area, and is often supported by a balafon, a talking drum and / or Malinke-flute (according to Serge Blanc).

Eéé, ééé, ni ibara börö ta thié woli man dii !
Hé! he! if you have taken the börö, your work will not be easy!

Written material: Ushi Billmeier & Mamady Keïta, Serge Blanc, Rafaël Kronberger (also djembé solo 1) and Moritz Köppen..

Last updated 5 September 2014