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Last updated over 5 years ago


K’Panlogo (K’Palogo, K’Palongo) is a rhythm that originated from either the Ga-people or the Ewe-people from Ghana. Dance music that is also often played combined with non-traditional instruments. Some of the instruments used in Ghana include: the bell ghankoki (double bell) and uhitsiua and the drums k’panlogo, kagan, sogo and kidi (see also at Rhythm Ghahoe).
K’Panlogo is a popular rhythm with different variants. Nevertheless, some basic patterns always come back, which in principle can be divided over the available instruments (as has been done below). After all, the rhythm K’Panlogo is (like any rhythm) determined by the melody of the joint instruments.

Preliminary exercises for drumming on the Kpanlogo drum:
• waving with your hands
• a hand across the drum and then with the other hand a closed slap over it
• slaps from your wrists
• the less you do, the better.

Lessons from Hilde Gams.
Written material: Larry Morris and Rob den Brasem.