Kurunen Kun'Do - Paul Nas
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Kurunen Kun’Do

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Kurunen Kun’Do means peak of a little mountain. The rhythm is played slowly, but because of the high density of the bass drums there is a good groove. The song that goes with it expresses the importance to not forget where you come from, always remember your roots and your family, especially when you have reached a top of a mountain (a metaphor for success in life?). There is an short break, which is played in the beginning and after every echauffement by every drum, it is always good to re-entry the rhythm with using a call and this break.

Ni wora kurunen kun ‘do n’diya nyö
I na la walinyuma koro kuma kan de yen

when you have climbed a mountain top
your mother wants that you don’t forget what she has done for you
(don’t forget where you come from)

Another song / melody
Ee n’ rabi barana n’diya nyö

Moritz Köppen learned this from Famoudou Konaté in april 2004.

Last updated 1 March 2010