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Lafè / Kurubi

Last updated 23 December 2000


Lafè (Lave, Lafait) is the Malinke female dancer that dances outside the circle with a rattle (e.g. at the Mendiani). Kurubi is played by the Jula-people from the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso during the festivities ending the Ramadan. The 27th night is special for those women who come in the last year before marriage: they can have a big party one more time.

Na nou wa lé, do son din mba do, , na nou wa lé, nag ba do na
na nou wa lé, ma-o lin kon dé, iba kinin tibi kin mba mon,
eee nag ba do na, na nou wa lé, ma-o lin kon dé

If my mother cooks me (rice),
is good for me, as she is my mother

Lessons from Martin Bernhard and Jaco Benders
Written materiaal: Famoudou Konaté, Serge Blanc, Ponda O’Bryan, Åge Delbanco, Paul Janse en Rafaël Kronberger.