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Last edited on 18 June 1999


Lolo is a rhythm that was created by Famoudou Konaté. He has learned students different Sangban-patterns at different occasions. It was after that he heard the song Lolo sung by his son that he made the rhythm. The song about Lolo, the Star is of mother Hawa that is consulting the fortune-teller. He sais that she’s got a good star and that she will live long, that she will be wealthy and have many children.

N’na ghawa Lolo ye san ma, horo ya le bö nin i nye

(Mother Hawa, the Star is in the sky, and the day of freedom has come)

Lessons from: Martin Bernhard, Famoudou Konaté, Jaco Benders
Written material: Famoudou Konaté, Åge Delbanco, Rafaël Kronberger.

Last updated 18 June 1999